Fresh New Look!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hi guys! so how do you like my new template? As for me, I'm loving it to bits! Don't you just find that watercolor flowers up there on my header are just soooo adorable? (puji diri sendiri kahkah) . But still, can't help myself from getting caught up with 'everything in pink' theme. All pink! I hope these 'bapak pink blog dia ni' thingy didn't bother you and stop you from visiting my blog again . Ahaks!

Anyways, hey! It's my first post in English. I might write like a kindergarten student with  grammar error here and there but hey, I'm learning. Pardon me :)

Will keep on writing posts in English and thinking about making  YouTube video, in English too! Now, I even start reading some english books and occasionally learning new vocabulary to make my writing skills even better. This might takes time - let's take a step at a time , yer dak?

New header


Old header

So, old header and the new one. Which one did you guys preferred most? Let me know and comment down below, okay? Thanks love!


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